Suntory Pepsico Việt Nam

Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers, 88 Dong Khoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

Company Overview PepsiCo Vietphái mạnh Beverage Company (SPVB), is 100% owned by foreign capital, and is a strategic alliance between PepsiCo Inc. & Holdings Limited, which was officially formed in April 2013. Our headquarters is located on the 5th Floor, Sheraton Hotel, 88 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Our corporate values are “Yatte Minahare” và “Giving back lớn society”. In the future, we will continue to pursue sustainable development objectives, bring benefits to lớn our employees và business partners, and contribute lớn the communities where we do business & operations.

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Quality assurance

SPVB"s quality và food safety policies are in accordance with standards mix by the, PepsiCo, Pepđắm đuối Lipton groups & Vietnam giới Government. All company plants have sầu FSSC 22000 certification. Additionally, the inspection related khổng lồ the AIB International Consolidated Standards is carried out at all sites & special tools are provided lớn our sales teams lớn help them communicate information on unique to our customers.

Relationship with the Customers

Customer outreach

Customer satisfaction is a first priority, và hotlines are in place to solicit customers" feedbachồng và requests. Feedbaông chồng is an essential part of our qualitative research, which is used khổng lồ improve sầu services, fine-tune sale và increase satisfaction. In recent years, SPVB Sales team has come up with the conclusion that the sales volumes would increase proportionally if consumers found the store displays appealing. This idea was after rolled out lớn on-site execution that one of our DCR’s KPIs was actually to lớn neatly arrange the products in the vimê mệt coolers và on racks with SPVB’s must-have products. Our DCR team was also required khổng lồ ensure that the products are promoted by using posters and other display materials.


Contributing to consumer health

SPVB beverage portfolio in this market includes a diverse mix of exciting beverages such as Pepmê mệt, 7-Up, Mountain Dew, Sting, Mirindomain authority, Aquafimãng cầu Lipton, Revive, Tropicana, Twister và Tea Plus. We take our responsibility lớn improve sầu the nutritional chất lượng of our portfolio very seriously, & we are on a continual journey to lớn transsize our sản phẩm portfolio lớn provide Vietnamese consumers which more nutritious beverage choices, for example, Oolong TEA Plus, which prevents fat absorption.

TEA+ Oolong Tea

TEA+ Oolong Tea was released in 2013 in Vietnam, starting a new segmentation of tea in Vietphái mạnh. This tea is made using the technologies we cultivated while developing Oolong Tea, a hàng hóa that has been popular in nhật bản for more than 30 years. With a refreshing and delicious taste, TEA+ Oolong contains OTPPhường., a natural ingredient extracted from oolong tea leaves that assists in the suppression of fat absorption. By extracting & maximizing the OTPP.. in oolong tea leaves, TEA+ offers consumers a healthier lifestyle, while maintaining the delicious taste and floral notes that come from oolong tea. After 6 years since the launching, TEA+ has now achieved outstanding result No.1 in HCMC, No.1 in Modern Traded và hopefully aiming South leadership in next 2 years


TEA+ Oolong Letháng is a unique combination of oolong tea and delicious lemon flavor, launched in 2018 as the first of its kind in the Vietnam market. The special point about this hàng hóa is that it brings not only refreshment & delicious flavor from the familiar lemon taste but also a healthier lifestyle by assisting in the suppression of fat absorption, thanks khổng lồ the OTPPhường. ingredient of oolong tea. This tea is made by using the technologies we cultivated while developing Oolong Tea—a hàng hóa that has been popular in nhật bản for more than 30 years and is now the No. 1 bottled oolong tea brand* in Japan. (*2017 Euromonitor, br& shares of off-trade RTD tea in Japan, volume)


Anticipating that Health và Wellness is now trending in Vietphái nam as Vietnamese consumers tkết thúc lớn reduce sugar intaking, TEA+ had launched Oolong No Sugar in 2019 lớn one-step-ahead capture this movement. This new variant is the combination of many goodness: TEA+ Oolong OTPP. – prevention of fat absorption, authentic Oolong tea flavorful và aromatic sensation and sugar-không tính phí. Beyond this, TEA+ Oolong No Sugar with its premium mood và tone also reinforces TEA+ br& attributes in term Japanese-ness, Expertise và Good for Health. This new variant is now widely available in all Modern Trade channel across the country.


Good Mood was launched in Vietphái nam on Aquảng cáo 2019, establishing the new category of Value Added Water. Good Mood serves lớn bring consumers a new beverage option that is hydration as water, but taste good & feel good. Good Mood currently has 2 variants: Good Mood Water with Yogurt tasteGood Mood Water with Real Orange extract. Good Mood is perceived as a healthier drink, no added preservatives or artificial colorings, consumers can freely enjoy the tasty water without feeling any guilty. With its natural good taste, added with Vi-Ta-Min và mineral, Good Mood is a good water for daily hydration, help to uplift your mood everyday.

Relationship with Business Partners

Working with Business partners

SPVB treats all partners with fairness & respect. Since this joint venture started, SPVB has a network of suppliers and partners who work tirelessly khổng lồ face all ups & downs in business with us. The relation with SPVB & some partners dated back to lớn 27 years ago, when PepsiCo first started its operations in Vietphái mạnh. SPVB’s at its position today thanks khổng lồ its partners’ contribution & collaboration.

To Create Harmony with Nature-Water, Environment & Sustainable packaging -

Water & Environment

Environmental management

All SPVB plants & have sầu acquired ISO14001 certification and fully complied with laws and regulations. All plants passed audit by third các buổi party with zero NC.

About Environment compliance: SPVB always comply Viet Nam law & regulations. Passed all government audits with zero violation. There were 6 government audits had done in 20trăng tròn with good result, had not nay negative sầu phản hồi noted in reports.

We phối up environment sustainability KPI"s for water usage và energy usage. These figures were reviewed weekly at manufacturing meeting & monthly at company operating Đánh Giá meeting. Below is the SPVB KPI"s 20đôi mươi achievement vs. reduction target:

2020 Targets & Results
Water conservation

SPVB has established targets and policies for water conservation. In addition lớn reduce consumption and effluent, we also strive to lớn recycle water from treatment processes, bottle washing/ rinsing and CIPhường., extkết thúc CIP. cycle, add water usage hiệu quả chiến lược for new project lớn select the best technology.

Recycle treated wastewater lớn use for gardening and internal cleaning at Dong Nai Plant, Quan Nam Plant và Can Tho plant

To reduce impacts to lớn underground water source & improve water usage Key Performance Indicator, SPVB apply using thành phố water for production at 3/5 plants: Dong Nai, Can Tho, và Hoc Mon plant. In next year SPVB plan lớn apply for Bac Ninch Plant. Can Tho plant will be apply when deep well license ending in 2025Analyses the water flow and find the priority point to focus on management.

Climate change

CO2 emissions from both power & fuel are measured at our plants, with targets to reduce energy consumption & CO2 emissions. Methods include waste heat recovery, VFD for variable load motors/pumps/air conditioners, power-saving lighting, auto-timers at offices and eco oven for blowers, change compact lamp by LED khổng lồ save sầu electric consumption, apply natural light for workshop

SPVB applied some new technologies khổng lồ reduce CO2 emission such as:

Apply Biomass boiler outsource replace for boiler using DO at Can Tho Plant (2018), Hoc Mon plant (2019). In 20trăng tròn, it is continued for Quang Nam Plant, và Bac Ninc plant.

Apply Solar project at Bac Ninch Plant (2015), & Dong Nai Plant will be done in 20đôi mươi (1 MWH), will continue extkết thúc lớn 4 MWH at Dong Nai Plant, 3 MWH for Quang Nam Plant, 3 MWH for Bac Ninh Plant,

Many small projects to lớn improve operation/system to lớn save sầu energy such as: VFD applied, heat recovery for all pipe/equipment.

Conduct GHG reduction audit in 20trăng tròn to lớn find the opportunity lớn reduce CO2 emission. Target reduce 25% CO2 emission amount from năm ngoái khổng lồ 2030 (absolution). Build up the system to lớn tracking CO2e.

Reducing pollution and managing chemical substances

We comply thoroughly with all laws và regulations for the prevention of soil, water & air pollution. We carry out environmental impact assessments và obtain governmental approval for all plants. We have sầu also implemented hazardous waste management systems, và environmental leaders are positioned at each site to ensure proper treatment & disposal.All waste sludge of WWTPhường at all plant is collected và re-use for other purposes such as:

Used as additive of bio fertilizerUsed as additive of briông xã production

Moreover, all generated sludge not be landfill, reduce environment impact.Find the best contractor in waste treatment technology to sign contract. And bởi supervise & valuation the treatment process lớn maximize the waste is recycle instead of incineration or landfill


Solid waste management


Waste water treatment plant

“Mizuiku – I love sầu clean water” program

Mizuiku is an initiative of Holdings Limited ( implemented in Japan since 2004. The program celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2019. In 2015, the program was successfully piloted in Vietnam’s Northern region with the purposes of educating pupils on water preservation and providing water filtration systems khổng lồ the remote areas of Vietnam giới. The original format was customized to lớn suit the Vietnam’s conditions và create an interesting learning platkhung for children.

Since 2017, the Central Council of Ho Chi Minch Young Pioneer Organization (CCYPO) and the Vietphái mạnh National Union of Students (VNUS) collaborated with Group, PepsiCo Vietphái mạnh khổng lồ implement the program at the nationwide scale.Up to the present, the program has been expanded from 6 to lớn 76 schools across Vietphái mạnh with nearly 38,000 receiving education classroom teaching on water resource preservation. 14 sanitary tư vấn và 68 clean water filtration systems installed also helped providing clean water for over 39,000 Vietnamese locals. In 2019, Mizuiku successfully launched the first time ever series of picture books for children with the Mizu inhỏ as the teller of water preservation stories. Mizuiku continues lớn be a part of the Joint Program between the Ministry of Education và Training and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union from 2017 till now as one of an experiment programs for the children in the entire Vietphái mạnh.2021 marks the 7th year of Mizuiku in Vietnam giới & is the 5th year the program be implemented at the nationwide scale. This year the program will be newly established in 15 primary schools in Lang Son, Quang Nam and Dong Nai provinces, additionally lớn the current 76 full-format schools as of 2020In the future, it is hoped that "Mizuiku - I love sầu clean water" can continue to lớn receive the attention of state departments & branches as well as communication agencies in Vietnam so that this practical program can be expanded và promoted more comprehensively to lớn the community & society.


Students participated in “River at my hometown” activity in Mizuiku teaching class in Ben Tre, Vietnam giới.

Sustainable packaging

Resource conservation

We measure solid waste generation và recycling rates at our plants, with targets for reduced waste and increased recycling. We recognize the importance of following 3Rs practices (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).We incorporate 3Rs into product kiến thiết by creating lighter packaging; khổng lồ conserve sầu resources and reduce energy consumed during transportation (related production & kiến thiết are carried out in-house). We have sầu also changed from PVC khổng lồ OPPhường labels for PET bottles, & from PVC to lớn ACL labels for glass bottles. This helps lớn reduce environmental impact and encourage proper recycling. Additionally, used materials at our plants are collected for sale to third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ companies for reuse or recycling.

Many lightweight projects are applied to reduce waste plastic discharged lớn environment, reduce environment impact.

Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam giới (PRO Vietnam)

As one of the founding members of PRO Vietnam, PepsiCo Vietnam aims to:

Raise awareness about packaging recycling & waste separationComplete the packaging collection ecosystemCooperate with government on 3R recycling activitiesSupport recycling programs
Plastic packaging recycling initiative

Since 2020, SPVB has cooperated with VNUS to lớn build eco-briông xã toilets for primary schools. Each eco-brichồng is created by stuffing svà, chopped plastic bags, & cement into a bottle. Thanks to lớn more than 1,300 volunteers whom contributed over 300 working days, for the first time ever, 9 eco-briông chồng toilets were built in Vietphái mạnh, which helped:

Recycle plastic bottles, plastic waste, nylonRecycle about 32,500 plastic bottles and 270 kg of shredded plasticSave 25% construction costsEnsure water sanitation for primary school students
* PepsiCo & VNUS inaugurated the first plastic bottle nhà vệ sinh và started constructing another 6 projects in Thai Nguyen province

Join hands to clean beaches in Vietnam

From 2019 – 20đôi mươi, SPVB has joined hands with Vietnam giới National Union of Students (VNUS) khổng lồ organize 10 beach clean-up activities. As a result, nearly 2,500 local volunteers và PepsiCo members participated and almost 30 tons of garbage was collected.

To Create Harmony with Society- Giving Baông chồng To Society -

Giving bachồng to society PepsiCo dedicates to lớn contribute to lớn the society & generate positive sầu impacts on people around us as we grow. We only succeed when we can share it with the community. That is the way we show our appreciation.

Green Summer

Green Summer is a chiến dịch for students in joining volunteering programs and held by Vietnam giới National Union of Students every summer. Throughout the chiến dịch, many volunteers nationwide contributed effectively to lớn society, through activities such as building và renovating countryside roads, bridges & charity houses, participating in ensuring safety traffic, và urban civilization communication activities; supporting in university entrance exams. Below are some highlights of Green Summer from 2018 - 2020:

Green Summer Campaign national Kick-off events in Long An (2018), Bac Kan (2019), & Quang Binch (2020) with +6.5K volunteers
19 water treatment systems in 8 provinces (Quang Nam, Ben Tre, Ha Giang, Lang Son, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Quang Tri, Binh Dinh)
25 sport grounds/playgrounds for children in Bac Ninh, Hanoi, HCMC, Danang, HCMC, Can Tho, Ca Mau, Phu Tho
Helping Hands

Helping Hands program is an employee volunteering và donation program, that employees are provided with opportunities to lớn care for community và the world we live sầu in. It has launched in August 2011 supporting to lớn enhance SPVB"s core values & to build the corporate culture, engage employees for long term commitment and contribution to lớn both business & society sustainable growth. The total raised funds by employees will be approved for matching by the company. It"s a good platkhung for all - our employees, community and business. Since 2011, 10 SPVB Helping Hands committees were formed, about 150 HH programs were initiated, more than 11.2 billion VND was used lớn build 6 schools, 3 houses and 3 libraries for children in mountainous/remote areas, award thousands of scholarships, support 1,600 eye surgeries, present gifts for the disabled và the older people in social centers.

Education - Dynamic Contest

For years, SPVB has been taking advantage of all resources khổng lồ bring the best opportunities for Vietnamese young talents to lớn learn & exchange from people inside & outside the country.For the last 24 years, SPVB have sầu been accompanying the “DYNAMIC – The future entrepreneurs” condemo & since 2017, we are proud khổng lồ become its co-organizer with University of Economics Ho Chi Minc City for the new DYNAMIC start up version where the students had room to conceive và develop their own business ideas. Here are some highlights of Dynamic of the recent years:

Urgent Community Support

Putting people as its core value for business development, the company focuses on improving the health and life quality of the community through social activities.Over the past 27 years, the company has been back in Vietnam giới, the company has provided hundreds of thousands of products for communities suffering from natural disasters và pandemic, hundreds of heart operations, thousands of Tet gifts, scholarships, medical centers, educational and clean water constructions across the country.


SUPPORT TO RESOLVE SALINE INTRUSIONDonating 40,000 water liters to lớn tư vấn 4,000 poor households in Chau Tkhô cứng district, Binc Dai district & the School for Children with Disabilities in Ben Tre Province.


SUPPORT THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19 PANDEMICBy 20đôi mươi, there were more than 10 activities khổng lồ tư vấn the fight against Covid-19 pandemic with the total funding of more than VND 8 billion.


NATURAL DISASTER SUPPORTIn 2020, there were 5 activities to tư vấn people in the central region to overcome the storm consequences with total value of over 4.4 billion VND. PepsiCo Friendship Golf Tournament

The PepsiCo Friendship Golf was organized from 2001 to recognize the companionship, contribution & cooperation of its partners and friends to the overall success of the company. Since 2007, the sự kiện has been organized khổng lồ raise funds for poor people living in poverty. This is the 16th edition of this popular event.

From 2007 khổng lồ năm ngoái, the raised fund from the tournament has been used to lớn conduct 380 heart surgery donations, award 40 scholarships & sponsored thousands of Tet gifts for orphans & the elderly, tư vấn 30 disabled athletes with excellent academic results, build 6 health centers, 28 houses, 4 kindergartens & 2 informatics centers. In 2016 & 2017, nearly 1.7 billion was used khổng lồ build 6 water supply systems in 5 schools and one island district of Ben Tre province khổng lồ provide clean water supply for more than 4,000 people & children here và provide 74 water filters for more than 1,600 students in 7 schools & about 7,000 patients each year at two infirmaries in Tan Tru District, Long An Province.

Over 2.8 billion VND was raised from PepsiCo Friendship Golf 2018 and 2019 events by PepsiCo Vietnam giới in collaboration with the Sponsoring Association for the Poor Patients of Ho Chi Minh City was donated lớn bring clean water khổng lồ students in Ben Tre Province via the "Clean Water for Primary Schools" program. In 2020, the tournament raised a fund of up khổng lồ VND1,780,000,000 - the highest amount over years of organizing, given khổng lồ disadvantaged children with cancer through Ho Chi Minc City Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients.

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Mr. Nguyen Van Ranh - Vice President of Ho Chi Minc City Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients, received VND1,780,000,000 donated from the 20đôi mươi Golf Tournament


17 consecutive years contributing khổng lồ maintain Vietnamese culture by sponsoring Nguyen Hue Flower Street

To Create Harmony with Employees-Diversity Management-

Our Employees


SPVB promotes local employment & national workforce development. Additionally, we also value diversity and inclusion, and train our employees and management in these values. One of our key performance indicators for management is our female employment ratio, which we consider a key aspect of workforce diversity in Vietnam giới.


At PepsiCo, we are passionate about growing our business and we recognize that in order to vị this we must continually support & develop our employees.With the purpose to provide our employees with the expertise they need khổng lồ fulfill their role & make an impact on your business, we build up a well-rounded training portfolio which includes: Leadership skill, General Skill and Functional skills. which is led by 3 core capability development teams: Talent Development – Training, Sales Training và Operations Capability Development.

Together with the introduction of Operations Capability Framework, Operations Capability Development team was established in 2020 with the mission of developing Operations capabilities for SPVB, building up functional competencies including develop and manage of training và roadmap for all levels to lớn build on an engaged and high-performance Operations team. In their 1st 6-month of operation, Operations Capability Development team has successfully built & introduced the Operations Capability competency framework for the 1st time in SPVB, organized worksiêu thị cascade và competency assessment for all supervisor cấp độ up in 5 plants, analyzed the TNA & built action plan to fill gaps for supervisor màn chơi up. Moving forward, Operations Capability Development team will continue lớn cascade competency framework to lớn front line employees at technician/operator màn chơi & standardize new-comer training program in Operations as well as delivering training followed master plan.

Regarding soft skills development, each year around 40 – 50 courses nationwide were organized for employees by Talent Development – Training Team, equivalent khổng lồ over 10,500 training hours khổng lồ enhance employee’s capability both general & leadership skills along many Functional training workshops based on functional capability building plan customized for each function based on competency gap analysis.

Agile learning culture which encourages self-learning ownership và inspired employees lớn take advantage of all learning opportunities following 70:20:10 model:

70 – Learn on the job: Assignments, cross-function projects20 – Learn from others: Sharing is Caring/Lunch và Learn session, Fritalk, Protalks10 – Official trainings: Sales learning portal AMENA & New e-learning portal University x LinkedIn Learning, offline training, library, maximize the flexible learning budget for management (DBA)“Becoming Agile Learner” series & Campaign 21 promoted employees to lớn quickly learn, unlearn và relearn by building a new digital learning habit. Upcoming SPVB will continue to lớn drive Internal learning và sharing culture with enhanced Internal Trainer Club scheme và activities synchronized with Helping Hands, promoting both Agile learning of SPVB và Giving baông chồng lớn society spirit of Global.

Since July 2015, in order to promote recognition cultures in SPVB, E-kudos - the first ever recognition online tool has been launched. This initiative sầu receives a big support from Line managers & employees. There is about 7000 e-kudos granted every year.

In Organization Health Survey 2019 conducted by Tower Watson, with more than 97% response rate, SPVB has received outstanding results with 19 out of 20 categories getting higher scores compared to lớn OHS 2017 (Such as kích hoạt Planning, Innovation, Collaboration, etc.). Especially, Sustainable Engagement score – key variable of the survey – has achieved 90 scores, +2 vs OHS 2017. We surpass Global Food & Beverage Norm – showing the intensity of our employees’ connection to the organization.

Work/life balance

To help promote a healthy work/life balance, SPVB offers flexible working hours to the managerial levels up. In addition khổng lồ flextime, female employees may also reduce their working hours in order to facilitate childcare when the children are under 1 year old. Excessive overtime is discouraged, và a work-from-trang chủ system is available. Besides, SPVB promotes the team activities such as the team building activities and trips, the sport programs và the healthy living promotion campaign for the healthy living style lớn enhance the awareness of the employees và their family on the health protection và prevention.

Health and safety

Health và Safety is becoming the top priority of SPVB company in 20trăng tròn in order lớn bring a healthy and safe working environment to lớn all employees, contractors, visitors, etc. With the joining of new H&S Director from March-20đôi mươi – Dr. Quan Hong Duc, all H&S strategies, programs, activities are just re-sharpened, clear structures and instructions are given that support very much on the journey of building up new vision, mission, policy via 5 Must-Win-Battles (MWB): Building People, Building Systems, Building Compliance, Building Standards and Building Technology. Many safety projects and programs were implemented at Nationwide cấp độ, plant level and sales offices of the company. These activities have sầu helped the company significantly improve sầu working environment, raise all employees’ awareness and safe working skills.

1. H&S Vision – Mission:

One of the key safety changes at SPVB was the launch of the vision & mission of safety on 31st Aug 2020. EXCOMs & CEO already approved for the new H&S vision và mission after carefully reviewed the proposal of H&S Director. This is the first time the company has established a vision of Health & Safety and Well-being. The purpose of the vision is lớn inspire and guide strategies for safety programs và khổng lồ make sense of our safety efforts. SPVB expects everyone from people working in all plants to lớn those working in offices or in the field come trang chủ safe after work every day. Nothing is so urgent for someone who works in plant lớn take a shortcut or bypass safety procedures and systems. Nothing is so pressing for someone who is on motorbike in the field khổng lồ overtốc độ over limit or drive sầu in a rash manner. It is not just about safety. We also expect everyone go come home in good health & well-being lớn fully enjoy time with their family and your loved ones.

Come trang chủ safe every day is not just our Company Vision. It is our EXCOM’s expectation và also our svào request khổng lồ all the Leaders of the Company to lớn bởi vì the right things, develop meaningful procedures, eliminate hazards and risks and ensure the compliance including people’s behaviors…etc. Your efforts and commitment will be recognized và appreciated through the smiles on the faces of our employees’ family members when they see their loved one come home page safe from plant or office every day. SPVB believes that Come Home Safe Every Day is one of the Chip Core Values & Principles for our Business and Operations. So, let’s work together to lớn make this a way of life in SPVB.

Concerning to lớn Operations and Supply Chain in 2021, the safety mission for this year is Safety Culture of Compliance and Disciplines. In the past few years, especially in 20trăng tròn, we have sầu made progress and improvements in safety at our factories. By the kết thúc of 2020, all five sầu factories & distribution centers achieved the goal of no accidents affecting workdays for SPVB employees, subcontractors và 3PLs. We have sầu also completed a compliance assessment of the safety of Utility equipment in all five sầu plants. The Work Permit program has been applied. Reporting safety incidents has gradually taken shape in our safety culture.

However, these advances are only a very small step in making SPVB a safe workplace, ensuring the physical and mental health of all employees. There are still unsafe behaviors from some employees. There are still non-compliance conditions, even violation of safety regulations & procedures. And so, there are still some accidents, unfortunate safety incidents occurred. Because of this, the Board of Directors value the action of our 2021 safety mission to promote a Culture of Safety, Compliance and Disciplines. This focus of actions will help us build a svào foundation and support the development of safety at a higher cấp độ.

Fostering a culture of safe compliance và discipline will help us mix safety standards, help every employee understand safety practices và standards, and help you build habits safety compliance và enforcement during work. With this in mind, we will bring the safety culture of SPVB to lớn a new level. In doing this, we help SPVB become a better place to work. With this in mind, your colleagues will be HOME SAFE EVERY DAY!

2. 5 Must-Win-Battles (MWB)

From approved SPVB H&S vision-mission, this was made inlớn details via MWB to lớn have sầu clear goals, targets và programs khổng lồ be achieved by different work levels at both Nationwide và Plant team. The MWB is categorized into lớn 5 pillars lớn specify actions as following: Building People, Building Systems, Building Compliance, Building Standards and Building Technology. Under each pillar, key specific actions are identified with clear programs và persons to lớn lead it lớn the success. These are the long-term strategies that SPVB defined for the next 5 years, event 10 years khổng lồ help the continuity of the programs to lớn build safety culture. Specifically, on 5 MWBs overall below will give a full roadbản đồ of what SPVB want to achieve:

MWB#1 (Building People): building commitment for leadership (ELSW), competence và skills for EHS Managers, Operation Managers, Line Supervisors, for people handling critical operations, and for operators.
MWB#2 (Building Systems): building Safety Culture system, ISO 45001:2028 system; KPIs Lagging và Leading, H&S Management SOPs & Guidelines and data analysis & control.
MWB#3 (Building Compliance): assurance the compliance of H&S legal requirement, safe operations of critical equipment & tasks, 12 Life Saving Rules, contractor safety management và H&S inspection.
MWB#4 (Building Standards): Building standards of visual control system, for process safety, for machine safety designs, standards of behaviors, designs & layouts, & for preparedness và response lớn emergency.
MWB#5 (Building Technology): building online safety culture survey, OHS Lawsoft, BBRM (Behavior-Based Risk Management), online reporting system, BOMP (Behavior Observation Monitoring Program), H&S Online Management system.
3. Corporate H&S policy:4. Reinforcement of leadership commitment

What are the best ways to lớn motivate employees và increase safety? This is a crucial question for just about anyone in a workplace leadership role. In SPVB, EXCOMs, Plant Directors và EHS team (Nationwide and plant team) were together joined in a worksiêu thị called Executive sầu Leadership Safety Worksiêu thị (ELSW) lớn nội dung the H&S performance results, focused actions, sustained action for next year when putting priorities, KPIs. By sharing this together directly, this gained trust among muốn us, gained the understanding of safety programs and together move sầu forward with aligned H&S agendomain authority. The ELSW was first-time organized in SPVB and also be considered as the importance of positive reinforcement from leadership. Moreover, the ELSW màn chơi 2 (plant level) is organized online lớn all 5 plants leading by Plant Directors and support from Nationwide EHS. The alignment with PDs on of H&S Focused Action (13 Elements) & KPIs (7 KPIs) was made và showing the strong commitment lớn EHS again.

5. 12 Life Saving Rules (LSRs)

In 20trăng tròn, H&S found that company rules have general terms in safety while there are 12 golden safety rules from safety. This showed that in-alignment from SPVB document & made difficulty in communication, sự kiện for disciplinary controls made. With the purpose to lớn unify & make clear alignment of “safety rules”, 12 LSRs were alignment aước ao EHS & HR team and started to be applied at all plants, all facility that SPVB managing. 12 LSRs are the basis và set employee’s mind when they start to vị something: think and behave safely.

6. Compliance Assessment

To assure the lesson learnt lớn be carried forward for the prevention of re-occurrence, the operations of boiler/NH3 and air-compressors in DOP is in compliance against local specific requirements and standards, the new program of assessment of kiến thiết safety and operations safety compliance audit was carried out by professional và experts in the industry of SOSHI (Ho Chi Minh City Science of Occupational Safety và Health Institute). This is deep dive assessment to identify and detect wrong or improper designs of the equipment. The experienced assessors also help lớn identify at-risk behaviors of the operators and confirm the status of compliance against legal requirements và standards. The assessment was already completed for 5 plants in 20trăng tròn và new scheme of 2021 is continuous khổng lồ defined and carried out.

7. Collaboration of Operations Capability (Ops Cap)

Operational Excellence (OE) Operations Capability (Ops Cap) is a new function established in 20trăng tròn and leading by Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lanh. The function is about to lớn improve the competence & skills of all defined work levels including EHS function. Therefore, as a representative sầu of Nationwide EHS team Mr. Mac Dang Them is assigned as project leader for EHS part & collaborating with OE-Ops Cap Director khổng lồ build-up clear Competence & training matrix for each level with required PL (proficient level), following up & assess the effectiveness of those training courses. This is demonstrated that a work cannot be completed with Solo culture, collaboration aý muốn departments is a key factor leading khổng lồ best performance of work.

Moreover, clearly defined skill sets were completed defined for each function & work cấp độ which including awareness competency, core competency và advanced competency. The focus in 2021 is lớn build competency for Manager, Executive sầu và Supervisor levels on 2 key courses:

8. Safety Culture survey

Safety culture is the collection of the beliefs, perceptions và values that employees giới thiệu in relation to risks within company. Safety culture is a part of organizational culture và has been described in a variety of ways. One of methods to know about safety culture màn chơi of one organization is safety culture survey done by their all employees. This activity was completed in July 20trăng tròn for 5 plants & was validated by Nationwide EHS team with the confirmation of each Plant Director. The final 2020 score for the whole Operations-Supply Chain confirmed by Mr. Nguyen Duc Huy (EVP-Ops SC), Mr. Dang Tkhô giòn Tan (EVP-Ops) và 5 Plant Directors is 38 (Supervision) in ELSW in Ha Noi 27 Jan 2021. With the target of 52 score of safety culture for 2021, all work levels right now know what to bởi vì, what are responsibilities to lớn contribute on their works.

9. Safety Talk

Safety talk – talking about 1 simple topic in a short period of time (approx. 30 mins), delivered monthly by leadership team PD, Managers or even from an experience employee. This is a new program deployed in 2019 by Nationwide H&S team, continued in 20đôi mươi with the purpose khổng lồ provide simple và easy-remember safety knowledge to employees; step-by-step enhance safety awareness và make safety as priority in daily routine & non-routine tasks. The simpler, the easier to lớn apply in employees’ activities! Safety should be easy lớn talk about. Given to lớn everyone’s interest, a topic was discussed và chose properly và suitably & khổng lồ make more effectiveness of receivers – our employees. This activity became monthly routine và let employees spread the spirit of “leading by example” from leaders lớn operators.

10. Restructure of Nationwide EHS Division

In 2019, EHS Nationwide Division was merged with QA khổng lồ become QAEHS Department. In 20đôi mươi, Nationwide H&S was separated out of QAEHS while Environment section was still in QA (QAE department). Moreover, EHS Department at plant was also busy khổng lồ solve sầu issues, problems, not have sầu time lớn focus on building up competences, give professional advice khổng lồ another department, etc. The change in organizational structure of H&S (plus E-Environment) was rapid and not stable enough to sustain performances and leading changes in safety culture. With the purpose khổng lồ re-structure Nationwide EHS Division & EHS plant team to have sầu right focus, right role responsibility và right person, the new structure of Nationwide EHS Division and EHS plant team already approved from 5th Mar 2021.

Environment section re-join EHS team while EHS Managers at plants will functional report to lớn EHS Director. Each thành viên of Nationwide EHS is in charge for specific role such as System và Standards, Compliance, Data Analysis while EHS Manager at plant will take lead a Nationwide project to lớn build more competences. With this new structure, SPVB strongly believe sầu that this will bring much more benefits, success to lớn EHS in near future.

11. GEMBA (standardized with new process)

GEMBA is an exercise which requires a discipline demonstrated through planning, route, frequency and the monitoring of the execution. We haven’t executed GEMBA on the way we’re expecting! GEMBA is also the exercise which requires reporting và following-up with the actions to address issues or solve problems! We also haven’t executed GEMBA on the way we’re expecting. An effective sầu GEMBA also requires direct dialogues with staff or operators to motivate right behaviors & understvà barriers or challenges that prsự kiện them from doing the right things or behaviors. We’re doing GEMBA as they way we’re doing an INSPECTION!

3 factors are now stopping GEMBA from becoming effective?

Lacking standards including safety standards for equipment, auxiliary equipment, tools and standards of behaviors for safe operations.
No GEMBA report size is available. Personnel who complete a GEMBA do report on their own way (E.g. Take photos during GEMBA và sover to lớn EHS managers through Zalo. EHS managers collect information và consolidate GEMBA report by Excel files).

Therefore, October 20trăng tròn it was the time for change! Changes in executing GEMBA in SPVB with GEMBA board (name of person L6+, frequency), GEMBA route (designed for each segment of plant), GEMBA report (complete và fill in the GEMBA Report when GEMBA is completed at each Pitstop during GEMBA Route), GEMBA dialogue (must interact và discuss with operators whenever a right behavior is observed to motivate employees or wrong behavior is observed khổng lồ underst& why the operator cannot perform right behaviors).

12. Safety value

Last but not least, SPVB is focusing lớn build “beliefs” for all employees via Safety Value with specific 6 actions lớn demonstrate. Belief is a psychoxúc tích và ngắn gọn term that when you believe a thing, you will vì chưng or follow that. Based on that methodology, Nationwide EHS set a group of 6 specific actions that employees need to comply with when they vì a work as following: