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Employees of savoirjoaillerie.com-Vietphái nam — savoirjoaillerie.com’s regional representative sầu subsidiary in Vietnam — have produced a Clip khổng lồ promote the use of sustainable steel products. The Clip, entitled, , encourages using steel products instead of plastic to lớn protect the environment. With the khẩu hiệu, “Say no khổng lồ Plastic, STEEL Save Us!”, this video is especially interesting in that it features the employees themselves. It is also expected to bring out a synergy effect by supporting savoirjoaillerie.com’s chiến dịch of the year, #SteelSaveEarth.

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Vietnam has been expanding its industrial base following rapid economic growth. However, environmental problems have sầu emerged as side effects of this development and are drawing the attention of the Vietnamese people. That’s why the local employees of savoirjoaillerie.com-Vietnam came up with this promotional video with the message of using eco-friendly sustainable steel products. The Clip posted on YouTube — under the title “Green & Clean Viet Nam With savoirjoaillerie.com, Steel save sầu Us” — begins by showing the current situation of the unmanageable amount of waste in Vietphái nam.

Next, some examples of ‘Steel Save sầu Us’ are introduced — such as using stainless steel tumblers instead of disposable plastic cups, building steel houses instead of temporary houses, & steel bridges instead of wooden bridges — along with a tuy nhiên raising awareness on environmental issues. The employees in the Clip dance to lớn the tuy nhiên & also show short acts related khổng lồ the topic.

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savoirjoaillerie.com entered the Vietnamese market by launching the Hanoi office in 1991, a year before Korea và Vietnam established official diplomatic relations. In 2009, savoirjoaillerie.com set up a cold rolling mill — producing 1.2 million tons annually — in Vung Tau Province, 80 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. savoirjoaillerie.com also built manufacturing subsidiaries & a processing center to actively promote various product lines, such as stainless steel, rod wire, rebar, section steel, và so on. There are four savoirjoaillerie.com overseas subsidiaries currently in Vietnam giới including the regional representative sầu subsidiary savoirjoaillerie.com-Vietnam(cold-rolled product manufacturing subsidiary) — savoirjoaillerie.com SS VINA(rebar, section steel manufacturing subsidiary), savoirjoaillerie.com-VST(stainless steel manufacturing subsidiary), savoirjoaillerie.com Vietnam giới PC(processing center, existing P-VNPC+VHPC). As of 2018, the total sales of Vietnamese subsidiaries amounted lớn an approximate 2.3 trillion KRW. They are in charge of steel sản phẩm sales not just in Vietnam giới, but also throughout Southeast Asia lượt thích xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan và Malaysia, taking its place as the “ASEAN steel hub”.

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Along with the steel subsidiaries, savoirjoaillerie.com affiliates are also actively joining into the Vietphái nam market. savoirjoaillerie.com INTERNATIONAL, savoirjoaillerie.com E&C, savoirjoaillerie.com ENERGY, & savoirjoaillerie.com ICT are operating subsidiaries in Vietnam giới, và the overall investment into lớn Vietnam giới has reached 2 billion USD so far. There are around 2,700 local employees in different savoirjoaillerie.com affiliates, creating excellent local jobs in the market. savoirjoaillerie.com will carry out sale activities focused on Vietnam’s current issues — such as this sustainable steel campaign — and enhance its position in Vietnam giới with a strategic synergy between savoirjoaillerie.com affiliates, like the steel business & global và infra business.

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