What is beauty without an element of surprise?

This question lies at the heart of Savoir's work. Details are a gateway to creativity, to innovation. No matter how simple, Savoir’s work always involves a sense of discovery, and therein lies it's true value. One develops a particular relationship to her pieces, talismanic exchange that belongs to individuals and free thinkers.

Savoir-Faire & Savoir-Vivre

Berlin-based Savoir Joaillerie respects the fundamental rules of Savoir-Faire and Savoir-Vivre.
Our production is ethically sourced, we use certified stones and responsibly recycled metals. Made in Germany and Greece to the highest standards by valued collaborators, we encourage you to take your discovery into the smallest details- you will not be disappointed.

Lou Andrea Savoir was born in Paris to a Swiss theatre actress and a French-Mexican screen-writer. She grew up in London and Geneva, and was initiated to silversmithing at age sixteen during a hot and haunted summer in Savannah, Georgia. She studied fine arts at the Parson’s School of Design in Paris and New York, where she specialised in painting. After this she finished her training as a silversmith in Mexico, and as a goldsmith in Barcelona, during which time she partook in the contemporary jewelry scene, was awarded the FAD Enjoia't Jewelry Prize, and worked as a design editor for the likes of Taschen, Daab, and Harper Collins.

She lives in Berlin with
her family and founded Savoir Joaillerie in 2010.



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