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ESE548: The Class: Chat Room
Chat Room

The NAU chat rooms are "real time." They are lượt thích a phone. You have sầu lớn be in the chat room when someone comes to the room. All members who want to lớn chat together have khổng lồ agree to a time, & then arrive sầu. Once there, each person types in ideas. The typing shows up & others can see what you typed and respond to lớn what you say.

It can be exciting.

For some students it is upsetting.

It takes a little while for ideas lớn get from the key board to the NAU computer, called a server, và then baông xã to lớn the machines of the people chatting. In that way it is not lượt thích a phone. It is more like a shared fax machine


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By the time your idea gets written & posted & then others see it, the conversation may go several different directions. It also takes a little while for the transmission. It is usually best to agree on a theme, stiông chồng with the theme, everyone share ideas and then change to lớn a new topic.

It is also important to take care of basic things prior to the chat time.

1. Get your dana tài khoản và password.

2. Practice getting inkhổng lồ the chat room and learning how to lớn give the correct passwords.

3. Learn lớn move bachồng and forth from typing a message to lớn reading the transcript of current or past conversations.

4. Get into lớn the chat room by the agreed upon time so that people know you are there and you don"t miss each other.

5. Get a phone number so you can let others know if you cannot chat at the appointed time.

Clichồng here lớn get inlớn VISTA


AOL Instant Messenger - or Skype

http://dashboard.ayên.com/alặng or http://www.skype.com

What did you lượt thích best about school -- lunch, recess? If so, learning on the web will be quite an adjustment for you because you will not get as much interaction as you could in a regular setting.

Part of education is the sharing that occurs. If someone asks you how you learn best, you may say, in front of the TV, when it is quiet, snacking. These are study habits. Each of us learns to lớn study in a personal way.

But how vị we learn? We learn by watching others, modeling, by doing what another does or choosing not to vì chưng what others bởi. We learn from teachers. Some of the learning is pretty subtle. We "psych out" the teacher in our first meeting. Nonverbal cues let us know what is acceptable, how we can be ssavoirjoaillerie.comessful, what the teacher wants lớn hear, what bothers the teacher, how to get a teacher to meet our needs.

Often, our foremost need when we begin a course is to lớn be safe and not feel foolish, or lớn be recognized và valued. Many of us want that interaction & feeling from peers even more than from teachers. How can we stimulate peer intereaction và experiences on the web? Need interaction with peers khổng lồ get the most out of class? Were you one of the people who loved recess, wanted the other students khổng lồ notice you, learned best by sharing ideas?

There are three great ways lớn connect.


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This is where you go khổng lồ take all of your online courses. Every class has the option khổng lồ use on-line chat và discussion rooms.

Chat Room. The NAU chat rooms are "real time." They are lượt thích a phone. You have sầu to lớn be in the room when someone comes to lớn the room, you both or all have sầu lớn agree to lớn a time, and then arrive. Once there, you type in ideas. The typing shows up and others can see what you typed and respond lớn what you say. It can be exciting. The way to lớn reach the chat room in our ESE 548 class is lớn clichồng on chat room. You might love sầu the AOL Instant Messanger. It happens in real time, like the chat room, but the time lag seems to lớn be shorter. Also, when you put the AOL buddy on your machine, you can mix it up to lớn tell you when people you know are on line. Then you can have sầu a conversation with them.

The AOL Instant Messenger is really like a phone Điện thoại tư vấn. You can choose not khổng lồ answer, you can decide if others are allowed khổng lồ be alerted to lớn you being on the line - và you can have "free" long distance chats with others. To learn more about the AOL Instant Messenger, go tohttp://dashboard.alặng.com/ayên. Presently, the tải về is không lấy phí.

Another company provides a similar sản phẩm & is considered by some to be the protoype of visual net communicating. It is SKYPE. http://www.skype.com This tải về is không tính phí also. It is a good idea to lớn experiment with each of these ways of communicating. You get points in the class for each one you try. Keep traông xã by giving yourself 25 points for trying it, và 25 points for every hour involved in downloading. There is a maximum of 200 points on chatting.

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Rethành viên ---downloading over the net takes some time, so phối up a couple of hours - late evening often works faschạy thử for long downloads. Sometimes you will thua the connection - and no, I bởi not know why! I just want lớn throw a fit - but that never restarts the computer.

Be patient. Dont"t blame yourself or trang điểm a lot of hypotheses about what went together to create the problem or crash. It"s the ghost in the machine Ha Ha Ha


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