Moderate là gì

Imposing sanctions is a moderate action when you consider that the alternative is military intervention.

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Moderate opinions, especially political ones, are not extreme and are therefore acceptable to a large number of people:
a person whose opinions, especially their political ones, are not extreme and are therefore acceptable to lớn a large number of people:
When she was young she was a radical, but her political views have become more moderate as she has gotten older.

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comparatively/relatively moderate Temporary lay-offs are a relatively moderate action when you consider that elsewhere whole factories have sầu been shut.
Only six of twenty-eight tests indicate that the impact of buổi tiệc ngọt control is moderated by competitive sầu pressures.
Data on marital/partner status, depression, & hypothesized moderating factors were available on women (n=8264), assessed on two occasions approximately 12 months apart.
If operational definitions of recovery are associated with predictive sầu, moderating và mediating variables - such as neurocognition - various directions of empirical retìm kiếm could be opened.
Further attention should be directed to lớn the role individual & institutional characteristics play in moderating chiến dịch effects.
While " craft " was a foil for " conscience ", virtue & liberty were complemented by - indeed, unattainable without - true religion, which moderated the passions.
However, the group posited as most desiring of divided government, ideological moderates, should not care about pre-existing partisan control of government.
A detailed analysis of the moderates" response helps us to lớn expand our understanding of the civil rights movement.





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