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If you are based in Vietnam you can qualify as an savoirjoaillerie.com Chartered Accountant as a university graduate. Many students start their journey by studying the savoirjoaillerie.com Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB), before going on to complete the ACA qualification.

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savoirjoaillerie.com is the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Englvà & Wales. We were founded in 1880 & supportmore than 150,000 savoirjoaillerie.com Chartered Accountants in 155 countries around the world.

Our members work in organisations in every industry & are on the boards of 77 of FTSE 100 companies. Our ACA qualification is recognised and respected internationally và required by many finance và accountancy firms.

What we do:

Ensure the highest professional standards.Promote, develop và support savoirjoaillerie.com Chartered Accountants.Share expertise khổng lồ advance the accountancy & finance profession.
savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB

savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB is a globally-recognised qualification in finance, accounting & business. It is open khổng lồ everyone và can be studied independently or via a tuition provider.

It is formed of six exam modules covering topics including assurance, law & tax. The exams can be completed in any order và are assessed via computer-based assessment at a local exam-centres. As you pass each module, savoirjoaillerie.com will send you a certificate of achievement.

savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB can be achieved in 12 months. Upon completion, you will receive your savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB qualification certificate.

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First steps lớn qualifying as a chartered accountant

The six exam modules which size savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB are also the Certificate Level exams of the ACA qualification.

After completing savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB you can register to study the ACA & complete the remaining nine ACA exams and additional ACA requirements to qualify as an savoirjoaillerie.com Chartered Accountant.

There are a number of entry routes to the ACA programme, savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB being a popular choice, and while the minimum academic entry requirement is two A-levels, or the international equivalent, you don’t need a background in business or finance.

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Study savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB in Vietnam

Fast Traông xã your career path inlớn the finance và accountancy profession.


average annual earnings of savoirjoaillerie.com members in the Asia Pacific region*

* Source: savoirjoaillerie.com salary survey 2015

University graduates are able lớn study for the ACA in Vietphái nam. Excellent spoken và written English is also essential for applicants.

How is the ACA structured?

Full ACA training is available in Vietnam, combining four essential elements:

Together, these four elements give sầu you the expertise & added-value skills that help define a chartered accountant. You must successfully complete all four elements lớn complete the ACA qualification và become an savoirjoaillerie.com Chartered Accountant.


Exams are held in Vietphái mạnh. You can sit the Certificate Level exam modules computer-based assessments at any time of the year. These can be taken in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minc City & Danang. You can sit the Professional và Advanced Level written exams in Hanoi và Ho Chi Minc City.

Tuition providers

savoirjoaillerie.com is working with four tuition providers in Vietphái mạnh who have operations in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minch City:

Open doors khổng lồ the career opportunities worldwide

Watch this Clip about Vu Thi Phuong Thao and Trung Linc as they embark on the next stage of their career"s in accountancy.

Whatever your existing commitments or preferred learning style, there are study options lớn suit everyone: classroom tuition, online learning, self-study và more.


This is an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá option if you want to study for savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB without tutor tư vấn. You will need lớn purchase the official savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB learning materials directly from our distributors, Gillards.

Online learning

Online learning usually involves a phối of tutor sessions and self-study support. Tutor sessions could be delivered online in a number of ways including recorded tutorials or live online tutorials. savoirjoaillerie.com is working with Kaplan to lớn provide online classes at supportive sầu rate for students in Vietnam.

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Blended learning

Blended learning allows you to lớn choose the study option you prefer on a module-by-module basis, depending on the màn chơi of support you or your employer feels you need. As an example, you could take two modules through online learning, three through classroom tuition and one through self-study. savoirjoaillerie.com Vietnam works with Kaplan lớn offer blended learning. 

Classroom tuition

You will attover a classroom with other students and be taught by experienced tutors. This environment also allows you to lớn ask questions & network with other students. The cost of savoirjoaillerie.com CFAB learning materials is normally included in the tuition course fees.

Where can you train?

savoirjoaillerie.com’s Vietnam office works with a number of authorised training employers in South East Asia. They can help Vietnamese students who want to lớn continue their training in another country where savoirjoaillerie.com operates, such as Singapore & Malaysia.

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