Exploring hoa binh park in hanoi

The Peace Park (Hoa Binch Park) in Hanoi appeared as a green oasis và a symbol of peace in the bustling capital city of Vietphái nam. Let’s check out the complete travel guide khổng lồ Hoa Binc Park (Công viên Hòa Bình).

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I – Why Should You Go To This Place 1. Hoa Binh Park – Symbolic Architecture

This green space of Hanoi is famous for the symbols. For example, at the northern gate of the park, there is a model of Lac bird (chim Lạc) heading towards the highway. This mã sản phẩm combines with the lake to lớn size the English word “No War”, which is the quality feature of Hoa Binc.

Entering the south & east gates of the park, you will be astonished at the symbol of flying pigeons. Furthermore, if you have a chance to visit Hoa Binc Park, you will never forget the Statue of Peace with the height of 30 m representing the image of a mother carrying a child on her shoulder và a flock of pigeons flying behind.

This statue is placed in the south in a harmonious way with greenery gardens in the west, east, north, và center.

However, Hoa Binch Park in Hanoi attracts tourists và visitors not only because of the unique symbolic architecture but also the exciting highlight and fantastic things.

2. Hoa Binh Park – The Ideal Recreational Space For Everyone

Thanks to the spacious playing space, 5-hectare lake, a Statue of Peace, shady areas for relaxing và wandering, public parking spot & other convenient facilities, Hoa Binh park with an area of more than trăng tròn ha is an igiảm giá tourist destination for everyone. 

Hoa Binh Park also features picturesque thắm thiết landscapes created by the greenery space, a beautiful lake, and a small bridge.

Visiting the park in the early morning is an excellent opportunity for you to lớn underst& the local life of Hanoi people who go to the park for running, jogging or meditating.

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Skateboarding is the comtháng activity you can see not only the young but also the elder và children play in the park. Observing how skillfully a small child or an older person plays this sport will make you surprised.

II – What To Know About Hoa Binch Park 
Source: nemtv1. History

Hoa Binc Park’s construction was completed on October 8, 2010, on the occasion of marking the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long (Thăng Long). Opening lớn the public since October 9, 2010, Hoa Binch Park has attracted numerous domestic và international visitors.

2. Address 

Hoa Binch Park is located on Psay mê Van Dong (Phạm Văn uống Đồng) Street, Xuan Dinc (Xuân Đỉnh) Ward, Bac Tu Liem (Bắc Từ Liêm) District, Hanoi.

3. When To Visit 

There is no bad time for you khổng lồ visit Hoa Binh Park. However, the temperature và weather during the cold months will cause some difficulties for your trip. 

Furthermore, if you bởi vì not lượt thích the heat, avoid coming between June & August. This is because they are the hotchạy thử months in Hanoi with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius. 

4. Activities 

On weekends, students và young people often rush khổng lồ the park to lớn enjoy the spacious greenery space and take part in many active activities like skateboarding, badminton playing, nhảy, và more. Thanks lớn the picturesque landscapes, you can take photos. 

Hoa Binch Park in the morning is the meeting place for people who love sầu exercising and wandering in the park.

In the late afternoon or evening, you can hire the roller skates with the affordable price at the gate to enjoy the rollerblade.

5. How To Get Around 

You can get lớn & around Hoa Binh Park by your vehicles. Students like to lớn travel by bus because it is cheap and convenient. 

If you want khổng lồ go by bus, you can catch the bus 35B, 35A, 27, 28, 07 and 14. 

III – Where To Eat And Stay Near Hoa Binc Park
Source: imcs1. Eating Spots

Hoa Binh Park lies in the convenient location of Hanoi that is a crowded area; therefore, it is easy for you lớn find the right restaurant lớn eat near the park. Here are some suggestions near this spot you can look for:

Lotteria – Metro Pmê say Van DongBanh mày 1 phut (Bánh mì 1 phút) – 366 Pmê mẩn Van DongDe Nui Ninh Binh (Dê Núi Ninch Bình) – 10, Lane 422 Pham mê Van DongCircle K – 3 Pđam mê Van Dong2. Accommodation 

The tourism in Hanoi is developing well with numerous hotels và homestays that opens to welcome & serve tourists from all over the world. Therefore, traveling to Hanoi thành phố, you can find the best accommodation khổng lồ stay overnight easily.

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Here are some suggestions you should not ignore:

Cau Giay Serviced Apartment Hoang Quoc Viet (CG cầu giấy Serviced Apartment Hoàng Quốc Việt) : 7, Lane 24/3, Hoang Quoc Viet, Bac Tu Liem DistrictTam Thanh hao Homestay – đôi mươi, Alley 27, Lane 106, Hoang Quoc Viet, Bac Tu Liem DistrictYen Homestay – 106, Alley 39, Hoang Quoc Viet, Bac Tu Liem DistrictHuong Sen Hotel 3 – Alley 205/207, Xuan Dinch, Xuan Dinc Ward, Bac Tu Liem DistrictIV. Pros And Cons When Visiting Hoa Binc Park 1. Pros The park has many entertainments for children và the young The square is larger than other parks in Hanoi Tourists do not need to pay any entrance fee 2. ConsThe road coming lớn the park is construction, so it is quite dirty 

Hoa Binh Park in Vietnam is a fantastic place for relaxing, playing, & entertaining if you have sầu a chance to visit Hanoi. That is all the information about the park. I hope that you will feel useful và satisfied. Any questions can be left in the comment section, & we will answer them as soon as we can. If you are interested in our article, you can find more informative sầu & detailed writings on Vimãng cầu.com.

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