Công ty cổ phần sợi an việt

Located in Tan Duc Industrial Park, one of the leading key industrial zones in the South of Vietphái mạnh. An Viet Fiber factory has a full functional area including 2 rows of production workshops, technical equipment rooms, laboratory measurement rooms, công nghệ rooms, office blocks, warehouses, cafeteria, lodging. , ... with a team of trucks to timely serve sầu production & business to meet the needs of increasing customers effectively.

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As a factory without smoke, no emissions, no hazardous waste ..., An Viet Fiber Company also invests in greenery và parks to lớn create harmonious landscapes that are environmentally friendly and take care of life unique và morale for officials and employees in the company.

With the criterion "Great quality - Reasonable price - Thoughtful service". An Viet Fiber Company wishes lớn be a companion with customers, manufacturers, traders in Vietphái nam & around the world



An Viet Fiber Joint Stoông chồng Company was established on April 4, 2007 according to the business registration certificate No. 1100777289 issued by Long An Planning & Investment Department.

The main office is located at Lot 2-4, Street 7, Tan Duc Industrial Park, Duc Hoa Ha Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province, Vietphái nam.


Invest in modern giải pháp công nghệ equipment:

An Viet Fiber Joint Stoông chồng Company is one of the pioneering companies in the production of non-woven fabrics - environmentally friendly fabrics. The Board of Directors always focuses on investing in equipment to lớn ensure the quality of goods. Currently, all machinery and lines are invested và built by the Company based on the world"s most modern automation technology (German Technology).

Our company boldly invested in a modern production line state-of-the-art nonwoven bags from fabric supply, sewing - laminating, printing và packaging. All stages of production are automated with a variety of specialized machines, so the quality of products is always unikhung.

Currently, with the number of advanced machines, the company is completely confident in its production capacity. Each year the company can produce more than 6,000 tons of goods with all kinds of different models and especially stable chất lượng supply for each product

Investment in developing human resources

The company always pays attention to lớn training and improving for workers, regularly opening training courses on Occupational Safety, 5S, Operating skills, Gold skills, Advanced production knowledge. .... The factory has invested in building a technical room with advanced measuring equipment và a team of hard-working & creative workers who always control the output chất lượng. Employees in the company constantly learn, create production tools khổng lồ increase labor productivity & reduce costs as well as update in-depth technical information & new trends in bags. Weaving.

At present, the company has more than 100 highly skilled workers, a team of skilled engineers and professional managers who have passed the professional training colleges và universities.

In addition, the Company also organizes staff lớn visit the production process in advanced countries such as Singapore & Đài Loan Trung Quốc in order to lớn learn experience.

Professional Service

An Viet Fiber Joint Stochồng Company always cares and satisfies all customers" needs.

With the criteria:

- High Quality

- Reasonable price

- Attentive sầu service

We look forward khổng lồ being a partner with manufacturers, businessmen in Vietphái mạnh & the world.

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Nonwoven Bag

Non-woven bags have many useful properties such as: waterproof, soft, breathable, elastic, durable và hypoallergenic to the human toàn thân, so they are now very popular & cthảm bại to our life:

With advanced equipment & a team of creative workers, our company is always confident & take pride in the unique of goods that always match the international standards.



The material is made with a closed technology process that produces continuous fibers to create products with high strength, good elasticity. AVICO"s 100% Polypropylene (Polypropylene Spunbonded fabric) is tested by TUVRheinl& (GERMANY) và SGS (HONGKONG).

With antistatic, ultraviolet, flame retardant & absorbent properties, non-woven bags are not affected by microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, fungi…. In addition, nonwoven bags can be washed, printed on both surfaces of the hàng hóa và complexed with PE film lớn create waterproof products.


Why you should choose our sản phẩm ?

Cheapest in the market:

With a closed process from the production of non-woven materials khổng lồ the production of finished bags. In addition, automation and most advanced machines for all stages should save labor costs, electricity costs & input đầu vào materials.

Best quality:

Dedicated provider:

The professional sales team will give sầu enthusiastic advice on kiến thiết, unique, specifications, weight of each hàng hóa according to the actual use of each customer. Accurate quiông xã quotes.

Enthusiastic customer care team will promptly answer all feedbacks và satisfy all customers even the most demanding customers.

Creating success for our customers:

You need a br& khổng lồ be promoted quickly everywhere and anytime? You want the hàng hóa to lớn increase the luxury and class to lớn attract customers & especially to save costs và protect the environment?

Yes! Our company with a team of professional designers with in-depth knowledge about Typography and Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign software will definitely bring a breakthrough difference in each hàng hóa of customers.

With the current scale, we are confident that we can provide and satisfy anything you want from the color, size, weight, kiến thiết,. . . And meet the needs of each customer, especially with a large number of customers, domestic và foreign businesses.

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ISO 9001:năm ngoái CERTIFICATE:

 AVICO Factory was certified ISO 9001: năm ngoái by Germany TUV Group, we always want to bring high unique products to customers. Through achieving the ISO certificate, we want customers lớn know that Vietnam"s products are of similar unique lớn developed countries around the world.

The Connection Circle

An Viet Fiber Joint Stock Company always provides its employees with a professional, friendly & united working environment

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